William Schuster

Executive Director
Dr. William Schuster has served as the Executive Director of Black Rock Forest Consortium since 1992. Bill has overseen the development of the Consortium as a biological field station of national significance, and led the successful effort to build a $4 million green campus with classrooms, laboratories and a 60-bed lodge. Under his leadership the Consortium has grown to support more than 13,000 student-visitor days annually at Black Rock Forest, as well as an annual public visitorship of 50,000. Bill’s primary research interests are understanding tree and forest health and growth in relation to environment, and long-term ecological sustainability. He has oversight of, and ensures the support for, dozens of active research studies at the Forest. Bill holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado, an M.S. from Pennsylvania State University in forest ecology, and a B.A. in biology from Columbia University.  He served as the Board President for the Organization of Biological Field Stations from 2011-2013, and currently serves on the Board of the Hudson Highland Land Trust. 

Barbara Brady

Office Manager

Since 1993, Barbara Brady has served as the assistant to the Executive Director of Black Rock Forest Consortium. She is also the Consortium's Office Manager, with responsibilities including oversight of reception, scheduling and other member and visitor services, purchasing, bookkeeping and management of events at the Forest. 

Matthew Brady

Forest Manager

Matt Brady, Forest Manager.  His priority is to focus on responsible land use of the forest by consortium members and public use.  Maintaining the roads, trails and equipment help keep the forest a safe and accessible place.  Matt oversees the forest improvements and operations within its infrastructure.  Matt also assists with volunteer programs and research as necessary.  He is a 2006 graduate from SUNY ESF with a Bachelor in Science. 

Matt Brady grew up in the Forest, assisting his father & former Forest Manager, John Brady.  Matt Brady took over as Forest Manager in 2018 when John retired.

John Brady

Forest Historian

John Brady, Forest Historian.  John served as the Forest Manager from the establishment of Black Rock Forest Consortium in 1989 until his retirement in 2018. A graduate of SUNY Morrisville, John served as an assistant forest manager in Black Rock Forest from 1979-1989 when it was owned by Harvard University. He overseesed forest management and access, including maintenance of roads, trails and facilities; safety; equipment, including operation of the Forest sawmill; and the work of the Forest crew, dedicated paid and volunteer staff who do the physical labor and upkeep around the Forest. John provided research support, assisted visitors in their activities in the Forest, and managed the local deer population through periodic census and regulation of an annual deer hunting program.  As an educator, he has developed many programs, including the brook trout nursery and related curriculum. John leads the Black Rock Forest history hike to introduce visitors to many dimensions of the Forest's cultural and land use history, including its use by Native Americans, by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and by European homesteaders.

Jack Caldwell

Senior Education Liaison

Jack served as the Operations Manager 2004 - 2017.  Jack has retired and is now part-time, serving as the Senior Education Liaison and assisting with classes when extra staff is needed.    Prior to joining the Consortium, Jack was a teacher and administrator in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District for 33 years, with emphases on outdoor and experiential education and technology for elementary school students. A life-long educator, Jack works with other Consortium staff to develop and implement curriculum and programs for institutional members and the general public. 

Jamie Kamlet


Jamie has served as a part-time educator for Black Rock Forest Consortium since 2003. In this role, he designs, leads and supports educational activities of member institutions in Black Rock Forest. Prior to joining the Consortium staff, Jamie was a teacher in the Cornwall Central School District for 29 years, including seven years teaching in the district's Gifted and Talented Education program. Jamie's current focus is serving as an educator, guide and liaison for the Metropolitan Montessori School, an active Consortium member institution. During the summer, he and his wife Chris serve as evening activity coordinators and chaperones for the Consortium's Summer Science Camp. When he's not teaching children how to catch and hold a frog or a snake, Jamie writes science fiction poems and short stories for publication.

Matthew Munson

Facilities and IT Manager

Matthew became the Facilities & IT Manager in 2018.  He oversees the facilities and reservation system.  He also oversees the Consortium's environmental monitoring network, field sensors, radiotelemetry network, research database, and local area and wireless computer networks. He assists visiting researchers and teachers, works as an educator with many school groups. and works with the Forest crew.  He holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Unity College, and is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Katherine Terlizzi

Research Manager

Katie has served as an Educator and Research Associate for the Consortium since 2009.  In 2013, she also became the Program Manager for the Summer Science Camp program. Katie teaches and assists other educators visiting the Forest during the school year, and also co-teaches a course for the Summer Science Camp. She assists Consortium scientists with their field work and collects data for the Consortium's Future of Oak Forests and Ecological Connectivity research program.  Katie holds a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Guelph and an M.A. from Columbia University in Conservation Biology.  

Susanne Vondrak

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