Bill Schuster, Frank Moretti and Sibyl Golden at Consortium Day

The Science Center. A 750 s.f. space on the ground floor is proposed location for Moretti Education Center

Science Center - first floor laboratory

Science Center - entrance

Science Center - second floor labs and office viewed from atrium

Students in the Science Center's first floor laboratory
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The Proposed Moretti Education Center

In 2017, Black Rock Forest Consortium is undertaking an initiative to raise $250,000 to construct a new education center celebrating the memory and vision of the late Dr. Frank A. Moretti.
The proposed 750 s.f. Moretti Education Center will be located within an existing green building known as the Science Center on Whitehorse Mountain at the 3,780-acre Black Rock Forest
All new or increased pledges made to the Moretti Education Center project in 2017 will qualify for a dollar-for-dollar match from a $2 million challenge grant made by the Golden Family Foundation. To make a gift or pledge payment, visit our donation page and click Moretti Education Center, or call the Development Office at Black Rock Forest Consortium at 845-534-4517 ext. 26.
We plan for the Moretti Education Center to:
Support hundreds of teachers and more than 13,000 students who visit the forest annually, and provide opportunities for program growth;
Serve as a multi-functional facility enabling individual and small-group work with a roundtable setting to stimulate collaborative project development among teachers, scientists and students;
Feature fiber optic connectivity and significantly upgraded information technology infrastructure;
House a master educator who will serve as primary liaison for teachers and schools to optimize education experiences through full integration with the full range of resources available at the Forest;
Place special focus on teacher support through training, professional development, and development of innovative curricula and new project-based learning experiences.
The outcomes we expect include more effective science teaching and learning, and doubling over time of the student audience served each year. Our vision is to promote greater environmental understanding in a larger proportion of students from the New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley regions, and to create a leading center of excellence for integrative science education in the Hudson Valley, sited at a biological field station of national prominence.
For more information, and to see the proposed floor plan for the Moretti Education Center, please download our brochure