The Forest in April: Baby Squirrels
It's baby squirrel season! Squirrels have two seasons for raising babies: autumn and spring. You can tell a baby squirrel by the fluffiness of its tail: adults have a full fluff, while the babies don't. If you find a baby squirrel, leave it alone. It's very likely the mother is close by and waiting for you to leave before she retrieves it, and will come back to that spot as late as a day or more later. You can help the baby by moving them close by but out of direct traffic/harms way, and providing a warm water bottle or a hand warmer wrapped in several paper towels to keep them warm. If you find an abandoned baby (if it's cold out and the parents do not come back), it's best to get help. Baby squirrels have very delicate systems, and shouldn't be given kitten milk replacement (KMR) or other kitten or puppy formulas, as it can make them very sick. Call your local Audubon society for more information or check the DEC website for a wildlife rehabilitator near  you. 
Photo by Sara Pace.